Hi everyone. I made it. I am standing on alaskan ground, safe and sound. I had my first day of work today in the field, counting boats from 13 o'clock til 19:00 to measure the impacts of wake on bank erosion of the river. I have witnessed huge red and king salmons jumping out of the water and they are YUmmingly impressive. I can't wait to catch one mysself. We will be doing the same for the rest of the week and are getting up tomorrow at 6 :) We, means, me and Stephanie. I am staying with her and her boyfriend Tom for the next 10 days and they have an awesome house right on a lake with a pier and a breathtaking view. Just amazing. I'll take a few pics. Then, in 10 days I am moving in with my boss, Robert, and his wife,tara,and little daughter, Jordan. Odd concept then living in the house with your boss but everyone here is very relaxed, that is what i have seen so far. I am still in awe at being here and can't beleive that I am at last doing what I have dreamt of doing for so long... YEAH... I guess I'll tell you all more about it. I might write you personal e-mail but don't be too disappointed if I don't, husband is first on the list.

Seelie: I can't wait to see the new bed-room, why don't you take pics and send them to me!!

Sophie: I have arrived safely so don't worry and GET RID OF THE BUGS

Espen:What are you up to? no news good news.

Aurelie:EGYPTE, go diving girl!!!! it's just the best!

Je ne suis pas certaine d"avoir le temps d"ecrire cette page en anglais et francais alors etant dans un pays anglophone et la plupart d'entre vous francophone parlant l'anglais un petit peu je risque durant les 3 prochains mois de n'entrer que des commentaires en anglais. Desole...et puis cela vous fera travailler votre anglais:)