23 septembre 2005


Been up sitting in front of a computer for the past 2 weeks. My brain is feeling like mashed peas as I keep reading html coding and at last I have been given a way out of my "website" nightmare. Will start using the free trial version of dreamweaver. Thankgodness.... I am in the process of creating photo albums for every single culvert we have listed on our GIS map, and they will all be available online. So you click on a point in the Arcview software and you get access to a webpage with the pics related to that specific point... Really neat, seems simple enough but it hasn't been!!!!

The good side of this past 2 weeks has been the possibility of doing something new. Not making maps, or entering data or generally playing around with GIS but getting online and reading lots about webpages design...and la creme de la creme is that I am back in the field tomorrow, under rain and wind for a day fish sampling around Cooper Landing and I am SOOO excited about it. Will bring waterproof camera, cross streams in waders, observe fry... YIPII...

When it comes down to my week-end there is a documentary festival in Homer from friday til thursday and this is where I am heading. Some of you might remember the film: "la marche de l'empereur", well it is showing here and as noone (am not bitter:) when I was back in Paris was willing to come with me, I'll go here on my own enjoy the gorgeous sceneries of arctic life and generally sit allday inside a dark room where I can daydream about nature.

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