I have 2 weeks and a half left here. Time is running out & I might have to start planning (arghhh new word in my vocabulary) what, where and when with who...Oh well could start a list here but I would more likely bore you to death. Mmmm as the office is empty....Ole just called, he should be here at 9:30, and it is right now 8:35....So I guess I have plenty of time on my hands to start and finish my longlist of important things to do:

  1. Pack a box with all the books I bought (see under liens cherryh, I collect her old SF books and the States is a gold mine for that). I outpassed myself this time with a mix of old 70's SF, 30's-50's anthropological/ecological authors, and spiritual/self-esteem books...I can round the number around 2-3 kilos but I will go back to this beautiful (purple wodden house in Kenai) used bookstore where I feel like I am in Northern exposure...no kidding..and I love it...Books are one of my passion, their smells, feel and touch. I can easily fall in love with an old edition simply because of it's texture or smell...
  2. Also, the weighed limit on my plane is changing due to gas prices and I am only allowed 20 kilos back when I came with 30 and must reach 35 by now...So send another box with all the stuff I do not use right now or discard old crap...and only travel back with my tiny 50 litres backpack...
  3. Go for a hike in Homer/Cooper landing. I haven't hiked down here for over a month. Shame on me!!!!
  4. Plan my stay in Girdwood/Anchorage  & check with Robert when are flights from Soldotna to Anchorage.
  5. See jenny, meredith,eric,david before I leave, and organise a french dinner party for Joss, jan, robert,Ole & stef
  6. Write an account of my work and have robert or stef sign it

This is the most boring e-mail I have ever laid my eyes on so I shall stop now before it gets any worse, get it done on paper at home and go get myself a nice cuppa coffee before I start my day out in the field...see y'a