29 septembre 2005

Grizzly Maze from Nick Jans-1

I  come back from a book reading down at one of the coffee/bookstore. Nick Jans was presenting his book grizzly maze.

This book his a true account (not like the so called grizzly man movie which has to be taken with a pinch of salt) of Timothy Treadwell's obsession with bears. He was killed by one of them on the 5th october 2003 while camping out amongst them with no pepper spray or electrical fence.

Timothy was originally from california and had lived with bears for 13 years, living in their maze, the midst of their social and eating ground. His death brough out very strong reactions, where people either grieved or became enraged.

He was attraccted by what bears could be, our relationship with them. Bears have had a mythological influence and lived with us for 15,000 years....

...Midnight I shall report this most controversial and delightful story and what people who knew him said tomorrow...

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