01 octobre 2005

Grizzly maze-2

What is all this fuss about?

  • First and foremost when I heard this story for the first time I was dismayed and in awe at the impact it was having in the media.The hot talks it generated amongst the local community here in Solodtna was on a scale of 9 on the richter scale. Gossip and more was intertwinned in those talks and underneath layed a deep concern for their safety and judgement facing such an "irresponsible action". This incident took place 2 years ago and the locals are still talking about it. It has become a myth and more..
  • Interestingly enough wildlife activists started the charges in the headlines and newspaper: “Bear was his life, he was their lunch”. Greenpeace and other groups were united against him

Where did this incident took place?

  • Article from Outside magazine by Doug Peacok "ON OCTOBER 6, Willy Fulton eased his Beaver floatplane down into Alaska's Katmai National Park and remote Kaflia Bay, a broad mosaic of ocean beach, braided waterways, dense thickets of alder, and sedge fields yellowing in the autumn chill. His plan was to pick up his friends Timothy Treadwell, 46, and Amie Huguenard, 37, both of Malibu, California, who spent each summer living among the many brown bears—as coastal Alaska's large grizzlies are known—that congregate in this salmon-heavy wilderness at the base of the Alaska Peninsula."

What happend to Timothy Treadwell?

  • Timothy and his girlfriend Amie got mold by a bear and eaten.The attack took place at 1:56pm on October the 5th and not as the Grizzli man implies in the middle of the night.Bear 141 ate them; the rangers found parts of their bodies inside his stomach and are still haunted by what they saw. “Did he kill them? “ is still a piping hot question
  • Bear 141 was an old bear, 28 years of age, tattoed inside his lip and tagged. Tim had taken pictures and footage of him and nicknamed him Mr. Vicious, which was unusual as the most common names he gave to bears was Mr.Chocolate, cuddle etc… Bear 141 had a dangling lip, ears spread weird and had a growth near the eye. He was reknown as being intolerant of people and to stare a lot.

  • The second bear that was shot on site was nicknamed baby leatherman by Tim and was one of his most tamed bear as he could pet him. Nick believes that baby leatherman got shot most likely not because he killed Tim and Amy but because his curiosity got the best of him.

What was it with Amie Huguenard?

  • Amy met him 7 years before. She was from California, tough and loving the outdoor. Tim didn't seem capable of commitment, throughout the summer he shot a documentary with a scenarist and not once did he mention Amy. He would brag about being non-attached. Nevertheless, Amy had decided to move with him for good. Throughout the summer they argued lots. Amy wanted to go home and they left the camp but they couldn't get  a flight. As a result they both accordingly decided to go back to  camp, it even seemed to be Amy's suggestion.

  • Timothy as of this time was known to be happy. Everything in his life was heading the right direction. he had a contract with Disney, documentaries running and had at last agreed to share all his information with  science.

What about the footage and the audio tape from their death?

  • The audio tape was sized by Jewel Palovack and is a big mystery.Not many have even listened to it. Amy turned on the camera and the first sound we hear is Tim shouting: “Come on here I am being killed out here” then the sound of the tent being zipped as he retreats inside it and Amy’s voice answering back: “Play dead”. Why did she turn it on? Was it a habit as they had been filming for weeks? Did she know that they had no chance and reached out for the last piece of civilisation available to her?

Why the silly names to bears?

  • Tim had always kept a childlike attitude. He wanted to demystify bears and spent most of his times and energy traveling to elementary schools to teach kids. He wouldn’t get paid but it was his passion to share his awareness with kids.

  • He grew up seeing bears as nasty and later realized that they are completely different from what people believe and so he decided to teach bear safety and information. Tim would describe bears as puzzled and goofy teddy bears. There was always a bit of truth and the opposite in whatever he said.

A bit more Bear Biology

  • The offensive/defensive tactic of bear is good. They pretend to leave and then return!!! Simple but machiavelous. Bear Biologist said that if a large bear get you, you should die quicker but it isn’t always true.

  • Bear switches of to predatory mode as bear drags you off and this is when one should not discount the effectiveness of fighting back!!! A saying is that you should play dead, Gary Sheldon, Canadian expert on bears, would reply to that: “ You can lie down on the ground not me!!”

  • In reality it is the bear in our minds that get us. Nick explained that he had been very close to bear and never been attacked even when a bear walked right passed him and that he feels safer around them then around lose dogs

  • The bear information the average person has access to is very simplified.    Said that the only way to know how to react facing a bear is by observing them and watching footages. To sum up you are taught that a BLACK bear can climb trees and that if he attcks you, you should fight back. Black bear are smaller in size. When it comes down to BROWN bear or GRIZZLY, same species different names, you should play dead but if he is predatory fight back too even if your chances of survival are very slim.

How did his death affect the people of Alaska and others?

  • What killed him was love, intense passion from what he cherished the most and in death he becomes a lighting rod. His death reflects the extent to which we see our own thoughts and opinions. However, in death he can also be seen as a giant pinata. Aslakan are enraged at him or grieved, noone his neutral on this matter.What sort of man would do that?  A fool, a madman, as some said and I shall quote themfrom Nick's book: "If tim doesn't prove that dope can fry your brain than what does it take?"  or as a man Nick interviewed did, swapping his name throughout an entire conversation to "steaming grizzly shit" or as a lady in Kodiak started shouting during one of Nick’s readings: “Tim was disrespectful about the bears, they were not HIS bears..”
  • A shaman might have understood his actions perfectly whereas ruled by rational thoughts it's easy for us to judge him in our views, through pure facts, denying the magic of the bear.

In the maze each questions dobble past another and so does it when life meets death..

For more articles with precise info, written in an elegant style and good english go there or there

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