04 octobre 2005

Seasonal packing- 8 DAYS

pict00501 A day out in the field

Life has been a rollercoaster lately, involving travelling around, working long hours and not much sleep. I am not complaining simply breathing out a little now...Work has been very busy, so much to do and finish before I leave on friday. I will miss the office greatly and Robert too. He is sort of a big brother for me...my boss...but luckily we will keep contact:)

So I am officially finishing work on friday and organising a north african dinner on thursday for 14 people, everyone I have worked with...Mmmm I am anticipating the melting of couscous on my tongue and the sweet tangy chocolate mousse I am making...

Then I will be in Girdwood, hanging out, filming, well learning basics, hiking and relaxing before I fly to Montreal and Sophie, ma groseille:) til 16th october when I will head back to Europe for an undefinite period of time....Weird feeling to come back, home will still be a suitcase for a few months and I am slightly scared of settling down somewhere for a "long" time (long in my vocabulary means more than 6 months)...

I will elaborate in the next message what I meant by rollercoaster:)

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