31 octobre 2005

Sailin' away

This week-end was good but involved some incredibly scary driving. Germans are insane. Road's speed limit goes from 100 down to 70 kilometers on small national road. They drive like maniacs on the motorway and truly I was scared for the first time in my life of driving....Apart from that Hamburg was fun, we didn´t windowshop or visit the city (we already did that last year, when the QM2 dropped us there for a day) but headed straight to the show...and it was small, much smaller than the Paris or London boatshow and ALL boats were... [Lire la suite]
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28 octobre 2005

Hamburg´s Boat show

That is where I am heading this week-end for a general overview of possible deamboats, though I already know my favorite fiberglass (even though I don`t want a fiberglass for safety reasons and my inner paranoia of hitting a floating container drifting in the sea). It's a NAUTICAT... a gorgeous whale looking sailing/motor boat...I hope they will have a stand and I can visit it again...here it is... Nauticat 38 traditonal Nauticat 37 Nauticat 42 ...The aim now is to find an aluminium or rather steel boat. We have seen one... [Lire la suite]
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26 octobre 2005

Arrival in country land

I am safely in germany....in an internet cafe...will write more later guys....
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23 octobre 2005

On the road again

I have been reunited with my buddy, other half, partner, chose whatever you prefer/ kick your fancy and we're hitting the road in a few hours. Last night was a reunion in Paris near Champs-Elysees where a friend has a flat, a friend that currently lives in Uk and we hadn't seen in a year. Him and his girlfriend just got engaged and it was a rather emotional evening...It was a typical french night, for the foreign people reading it means having an aperitif, alcohol like pastis (anis liquor), or porto or champagne (when you can afford... [Lire la suite]
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18 octobre 2005


I am desperately trying to catch up with everyone round here and it is nearly impossible. Seen 3 girlfriends so far and might be able to catch up with most of them in the next 3 days. I slept 15 hours yesterday as jetlag started catching up with me in a drastic manner... I am therefore a normal walking human being and not a zombie anymore, feels great. I don't seem to be able to get used to Europe. Culture is chokingly everywhere, 1000 years old building; historical artifacts and humanity is ever so present anywhere my path leads... [Lire la suite]
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17 octobre 2005


How many coffees; how many bad meals at airport bars, how many people watched and observed, how many hours of sleep spent on the edge of a hard seat, how many thoughts scribbled in my little orange notebook; how many pages read, how many memories remembered and past events ressassed, how many butterflies fluttering in my tummy, how many naps and dreams recollected, how many bookstores, how many plans premade in my agenda, how many good times... How many have places have we travelled looking for one safe place, how many people met... [Lire la suite]
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10 octobre 2005


Pour tous les francophones, je suis donc bien arrivee sur Girdwood et j'ai enfin  le temps de me relaxer un peu, faire des ballades dans les bois et generalement profiter de quelques jours de farniente, Euh on dit aussi farniente quand il fait 2 degres dehors, qu'il a neige sur le haut des montagnes environnantes et qy'il y du givre sur les vitres le matin... je ne saurais vous decrire Girdwood, c'est une vallee environnee de montagnes avec des chapeaux blancs et les rues sont principalement de la terre battue. L'hiver devrait... [Lire la suite]
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08 octobre 2005

last minutes in the office

That's it...fieldowrk over, project on the verge of being finished and I am soon to leave for real and for good. I have a knot in my throat and I can feel tears building up...I never realised I would be so devastated of leaving them all and the job too...it has been an experience of a lifetime where I have been able to rebuild my self-confidence, my data skills and my social skills too. Thank you to Joss, Stef, Ole, Robert and KWF and keep up the good work for a healthy watershed:)
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05 octobre 2005


This is the sweet little warrior princess Xena  I used to hang out with at home and who passed away about one week ago...May she rest in peace... Photo de ma petite xena, chatounette avec qui je me comfortais le soir et qui est morte il y a de cela une semaine...Paix a son ame ...elle me manque...
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04 octobre 2005


Je suis retournee sur Girdwood pour une journee du samedi au dimanche et je voulais juste vous montrer c'est quoi une station de ski alaskienne en bord de mer...
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