Lubeck film festival was amazing. I can only say that this little town is full of history merging beautifully carved old churches spires glittering on the light blue sky of my dreams and gorgeous cobbled pedestrian streets, mouth watering marzipan stores, small lakes with goldening willows gracefully bending towards their own reflections and beauty, Hundreds of colourful bycicles and the warmth of this hand in mine…Add the potential to talk to real business people…Vision real life premiere Nordic docs… Hang out at a dress up party in jeans, trainers and tee-shirts…Eat asian food at a take out called Mr.Wok…Stop every five minutes to shot and take pictures while your partner silently, smiling and patiently awaits you…or grabs the camera …Power-fight in the air…











We stayed in a tiny hotel by the trainstation, not good, not bad, basic and with an extensive breakfeast, german, dark bread, cold meats and cheese…very filling…Watching the crowd made up for my 2 weeks spent in tiny papenburg and I can now with relief go back to my farmingland and the rain dripping outside is welcomed with ease. I have a cat awaiting me home, I am still unsure if it has a home and if we can adopt it but it started coming in as soon as I arrived. An old lady cat...


So now is the key question, who would like to come with us to the Amsterdam film festival first week-end of December. Let me know…We will not stay in any fancy hotels though, warnings….will be a hostel, dorm most likely…