After having had a rather hot talk with a very good friend back home concerning northern Germany, which to say the truth is damn boring in wintertime, no offense to anyone...I decided to let you in on what it actually looks like round my little soon to be heaven, no sarcastism in the air, right...  CLICK HERE ... Marina Park is where we live...

Fist and foremost there is supposedly 15000 inhabitants in Weener, which is faily impressive really...this is what the local tourist info says about the area.

" The city of Weener is situated in the Northern German lowlands on the bank of river Ems. First mentioned in 951 in a monastery`s records, it looks back a history of more than 1000 years.In 1230, the Georg`s church was built on Weener`s highest elevation. This church has an organ built by the famous organ builder Arp Schnitger. Visit our "Organeum" to learn about many famous organs around this area.

  Euhhhhh The only thing that sticks to the mind is monestary, that's the feel of the place in wintertimes and organs. If you had a pervert mind what would you think really....weird introduction to the city I have to admit, very disturbing in the least, would not make me want to visit this place...                                                                   


Weener`s old part of town is characterized by houses built in the 18 th and 19 th century. In 1973, Weener and several villages of the vicinity merged to make the new city of today which has more than 15000 inhabitants"

  True there is still remains of fields and farms all over, yet the charm remains. one selling point for this village of ours is the canal

In former times Weener was an important port for trading agricultural products an peat. After the decline of sailing vessels the port`s importance diminished significantly. Today the sailing vessels have been replaced by leisure sailboats an yachts coming to our marina. 

That was it for the english description, not much really...but I would like to share one or 2 things that makes it ok. The shimmering of the canal water in the mornings when the sun rises, the snow blizzard that kicks in at anytime and last for a few seconds, maybe a minute or two, and catches you while you were strolling or running along the canal, puffeting thick flakes all over you, transforming you into a giant ice lollipop. The thick layer of ice, white and translucent, beckoning to feed the wild ducks and see them perform magical ice-skating tricks to snatch the pieces from your hand. The same ducks, tapping at your window sill because they are little greedy birds, never satisfied...


lambs nudging their mum to get some milk and suckling your fingers as you try to stroke them on the nostrel, wide-eyed, black, endless questionning.  Long-legged Herons landing in the field next door and walking lazily. The city in itself is a village really, not much in it for me, but this sleeping nature should become a very pleasant person when spring pops out...

So here is this private tour I talked about earlier.... READY...GO

OUR HOUSE and the complex nearby



Field bordering our complex, where herons like to land onto




The ONLY path borderde by woodylike trees next to the train tracks


Paper Factory lying west of our complex by the canal



And as a "Final" find the heron on this picture: