AT LAST I saw that documentary. I heard of it for the first time in Alaska and it took me nearly 6 months to be able to get to a cinema. P.S. They only showed it today in groningen so we had one shot. My impressions are mingled with awe at the landscape, my heart went litterrally numb as I watched it, recalls of my stay last summer, and an aching that I cannot explain. Alaska seems in my case to have hit a very sensitive spot, right in the middle of my chest (ah it's called a heart right), on the way home the city landscape was filled with snowy capped mountains and tundra imprinted on my retina. I don't love this film but it's controversial side is evident, even more after that conference I attended alongside Nick jans, a writer, who published the grizzly maze (See post in October). Why does it fascinates me I have no idea. Why could I speak about it for hours, even write about it for hours because it is a mystery. The producer tried to explain timothy's death through his footages but doesn't he put forward his own beleifs more than the truth? His judgement? It also brings into the light the controversy of documentary filmmaking. What is true documentary shooting?? according to you? what would you classify a REAL doc?