Still up on friday night, after our daily dose of FIREFLY (link to a website who did a great job at summing up everything I wanted to say so why reiterate:), a great american SF serie (one season), running 2002-2004, unluckily not too popular with fox so it stopped airing after only 11 episodes...Arghh.. but the DVD contains 15

The best in this serie, what makes it so fun to watch in my point of view is that ALL the swear words are in mandarin and here is the translation of it all, episodes after episodes, if you ever decide to watch them..CLICK

Week-end will see us go to Holland again as usual, a short trip to ikea to buy deck chairs (we are getting like an old couple, it's scary at times, just kidding), buying food at the market (mmm fresh, cheese, olives, fish, a girl attention is through her stomach) and light up a BBQ with the italian/finnish couple living next door for a saturday night of fine food, wine and good conversation,hoping for a clear blue sky and some sun but that cannot be plannes more than a few hours ahead....