There is a reminiscence of those past few months that slowly creeps up my throat and, in a flash, it melts away. A tornado shattering preconcepted futuristic ideas of what I would be doing with my life. I am still wondering if what is happening to me is a blessing or a curse. For now I will call it a blessing as it is what I wished for. Stay with that giant of a viking I married,  keep learning and mastering environmental skills. Remember what I wrote a few weeks back: that the Sandviks where not Academics well...I should have blotted myself not to say anything because guess what???? I am going back into Academia, yeah... you heard. I will work at Terramare,a marine and coastal research center, working alongside universities. Academia I tell you. An old dream I thought incapable of reaching out towards.

I will start a master in Environmental technology and management while working out  on a Sea-level Rise study out in Whilhemshaven.  Carrying out  sediments analysis, observing the impact of the rise onto inorganic compounds (that's chemistry!!!!!! my average grade at high school was a D minus but the doctor working on the project seems confident I can do it, Arf arf arf I am laughing my head off) and of course, guess what, they told me straight away that they would only speak German to me....Mmh..oh well after Norwegian foksuniversitet, let's enroll for evening class into the german one. I will master Nordic languages and that had never been on my list of things to accomplish on this silly gaia. Always dreamed off going to Spain to learn my grand-father language, Spanish. Oh well, let's leave it on my to do list... before turning out 40.

Am still unsure of when I start, how much I will get paid but  I will have free accomodation onsite so that's that. Am thus indefinitely for 3 years in northern Germany and considered as a Student but getting paid. I see 3 positive sides to that. Making contacts into other foreign universities, like indonesian etc... To move there after those 3 years to keep doing research...Or Hawai....but I am getting ahead of myself and to use my german skills to get contacts with those amazing german documentary films directors. I haven't forgotten my filming, it will stay a hobbie and I will have 3 years to play around with small ideas and implement them. In 2 weeks I am going to the Danish Handicapped film festival, to see what is out there in terms of Visual impairment films and discover if my ideas are worth a shot. Talk with a few directors and maybe find people intersted in this. Time is filled out, flowers sprouting , Sheeps grazing across our window, ducks mating and quarelling, Sun playing trivks behind the clouds, wonders lefting me gasping for more, My hibernation phase has ended.