15 avril 2006


We have reached the peninsula, passing Kopenhagen and are happily fed, relaxing into Espen Uncle's house Kåre on this saturday  morning. 7 horus drive amongst gentle greens slopes, very smoothing for the soul, a walk in splashing sun yesterday on carabbean white sand gazing into turquoise waters ( the wind though was freezing) and the feel that Danes are pretty much like Norwegians in a non -European way. Very nice...Love it...Will go read ans socialize now...Have a great Easter everyone!!!!
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13 avril 2006

In the beginning there was life...

There is a reminiscence of those past few months that slowly creeps up my throat and, in a flash, it melts away. A tornado shattering preconcepted futuristic ideas of what I would be doing with my life. I am still wondering if what is happening to me is a blessing or a curse. For now I will call it a blessing as it is what I wished for. Stay with that giant of a viking I married,  keep learning and mastering environmental skills. Remember what I wrote a few weeks back: that the Sandviks where not Academics well...I should... [Lire la suite]
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02 avril 2006

Topi land

Topi means red-neck and it's the nickname of that German region we live in. We learned that yesterday. Kinda like Soldotna basically. I dreamed of Alaska last night. It was a vivid dream and I was pregnant.Really out of place. The woods and mountains, me living on the boat (no trace of espen), the ice breaking in the background, silence, peace, diving (with a giant belly) in the sea. I lived simply, I had lovers, I was alone. I woke up with a smile (me pregnant smiling, that would be a first), relaxed, joy pouring out, the... [Lire la suite]
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01 avril 2006

Drifter stories, Spring BBQ

There is a definite sense of feeling in the right pot, the perfect mix of expats. Lighting up a Bbq in Mars, with random germans looking over the water towards all this agitation, most likely pondering what the heck was happening at this time of day (19ish) . One italian married to a finnish, a brit, a norwegian and a french in germany. Age group ranging from late twenties to late fifties.  What a mix. The brit talked and talked about his different experiences in Finland, where he lived 6 years and words came up in a broken... [Lire la suite]
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01 avril 2006

FIREFLY a new/old serie in town

Still up on friday night, after our daily dose of FIREFLY (link to a website who did a great job at summing up everything I wanted to say so why reiterate:), a great american SF serie (one season), running 2002-2004, unluckily not too popular with fox so it stopped airing after only 11 episodes...Arghh.. but the DVD contains 15 The best in this serie, what makes it so fun to watch in my point of view is that ALL the swear words are in mandarin and here is the translation of it all, episodes after episodes, if you ever decide to... [Lire la suite]
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