There has been a rather filled life to prevent me from writing here. Euhhh really, truly, I would simply say we sailed the boat over here a fortnight ago with some discomfort as it was raining, cold and we encountered some sandbanks but all in all I enjoyed it, even with the seasickness. So now, what?...My life is still supended but it seems to take a rather unusual turn. Ispoke earlier of getting a job, well it is a part time job as a student assistant in a chemistry lab doing sea-water analysis and on the side I will join a master for the next 2 years. Master which is in German.....I am speechless. Just got out of the university today dizzy and wide eyed. Lectures will definitely be in german but the assignments can be ended back in English. Rather interesting way of putting things into perspective as it throws me straight back into high school. Back then I was in love with Germany and despised England. I had promised myself never to go backto this forsaken island, where I had to stay for 2 weeks of hell in a family near London,  and to move to germany whenever I could, but as the years went by I called my new country Britain and forgot all about Germany even the few german words I had learned....Through time I promised myself I would learn Spanish, my grand-father language and never ever consider german again. HA Ha Ha My head is bursting with laughter and bubbles filled with ironical thoughts. I am physically in germany and get to attend a master with lectures in german...Who could have guessed. Of course I can still back out but do I really want to????  This is the key question what is my wildest dream right now????? I  know I want to build something   long term and getting work experience and a master is a wonderful way of doing so....I can here some of U, even half across the globe, are you sure you want to embark onto chemistry when you talked so fiercely about documentaries and I cannot truly answer. I am still on a journey but I am sure of two things, I want time to get my boat ready and that means being around it, and I want to keep learning languages and science. So....what can you conclude from those satements. I can enldessly assure myself that I will know where I am for the next 2 years which is amasing considering what my life has been for the past 3 years. What about the university life. I crave it,I miss it, I guess I can manage documentary making and studies and work... The more the better, this is my motto...I thrive when I have a life to look forwardto , being still is not me. Yet, I ponder: "Is it truly what I want?"