25 mai 2006

You never saw a fish on the wall with its mouth shut.SALLY BERGER

I guess not (see quote).  I have been waiting to be sure of what the future held for me, hence the Silence like a fish on a wall. Espen is here for 3 years and I thought i had found a perfect job but it seems to be taking me to "les chemins de traverse" so to speak. I have a list of what  I might want to do if they can't employ me without joining the master, or achieving it (a master in mainly geochemistry)... It is a long list and it makes me wonder again, is it truly what I want??? I want to go the UK sailing academy to get an Ocean master degree (6 months course), join a german intensive course for 4 weeks, in July probably, and shoot, plan this short documentary I will deliver to a festival in August, also getting an internship job at one of the shoots in germany with a professionnal director could be an alternative career plan, arg...too many possibilities, let's start from one and follow through the list until I reach a positive answer.

Well no time to ponder, tomorrow is Mayday here and Espen's parents are coming over mere minutes, YEah...the car door is slamming..They are arriving...Ok no time...so long...

The next day, rain is reccurently pouring down across th nearby field and, to no avail, shall we leave the safe and warm ground of this house, we dared;earlier; go for a short walk around the harbour but got drenched. I am simply miffed!!! 4 days of rain forecasted, it seems that everytime we have guests, the weather turn to sulking grey. This is the joy of living in Niedersachsen, enjoy the good days while they last! So the plan is a relaxed day, reading, chatting, cooking yummy food and generally enjoying each other company without other plans. Right now the entire familly is napping, 2 in the lounge, the other in the bedroom, very sweet...

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