26 juillet 2006

The happy planet index

I discovered a rather interesting site and I would suggest that you go do this test yourself to calculate your index of human weel-being and environmental impact, not that you have too, but my results where rather shocking...human wise, environmentally wise no problem.
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20 juillet 2006

Diving In Norway

I came across those great pictures from our dives last year in Southern Norway. Click on the pic to get there... As we are heading back there in one week and will most likely enjoy the beauty of becoming a breathing apparatus palmipede once more, I thought it would be great to include you in our watery world from TONSBERG DYKKE KLUBBEN.Just click and watch....you never guessed it looked like this under those fjords, eh....
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19 juillet 2006


<!-- #iot87p8dtt0wg2ql0ap94ats4s68u7ns788fp3czc{width:320px;height:256px;border:none;margin:0px;} --> LOVE_webVideo sent by Oceanomads Snaps, very short, of the 2006 Love parade. A 5 minutes video letting you grasp what it meant to be there!!!! Music raw, crowd surrounding us and camera (real ones) shooting until dawn. ENJOY
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17 juillet 2006

The love was back

To start some (non quality as I didn't try taking good pictures but randomly grabbed the camera and shot) pictures of bright fur and short clothing.....        The party started around 14ish and we crossed the Brandenburger gate enjoying the sun and our beers as no glass bottles were allowed inside. Us being Jimbo and Graham, brits of ours, the party guys that met with us in berlin. Hostel was a giant mushroom of 7 floors crawling, buzzing with people in Kreuzberg area. Fine for what we... [Lire la suite]
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04 juillet 2006

Resume 1- photos later

Back from an intermede in southern France, Cote D'azur and Charente maritime. Take a glass and mix in accordingly, your other half, entire family (which for myself is composed of 6 persons directly related),  sunstrokes on my skin, slow death in  28 degres water as my head lingers under it's surface, 8-9 different flavors of  icecreams, cicadas singing when night comes, gorgeous food, smells lingering after the rain, wet earth, eucalyptus tree. Talks with my kins, dancing with my cousin new bride, reconnecting with this... [Lire la suite]
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