18 décembre 2006


I had the weirdest dream. A cineast was writing to me advices on shooting and he especially pointed to an event that he attended, A small docfest. The letter vanished and I was with him in the room, he expected to win the festival, got up as they said the name of a young woman and caught her gaze, glimming with tears. He was furious but ended up spending the night with her, sleeping in her hotel room, acting like his lover. The next day on stage he asks his assistant to fly for the audience, she puts on her white wings, a child fairy wings, and takes off smoothly to then crash back down like a rocket and throws a tantrum...I wake up...

I simply ask myself what the f**ck...subconscious what are you trying to tell me.

Lists. I keep listing in my head, at random, the facts of my ideal life. So here it goes, in an ideal life I would...

  • Know anthropological,      sociological, esoteric concepts.
  • Have my own websitse and know      Html/CSS coding.
  • Play the guitar and sing
  • Knit jumpers and make my own      clothes and jewellery
  • Be a professional sailor and      diver
  • Produce environmental      documentaries
  • Speak Spanish/Italian fluently
  • Be a writer and photographer
  • Fundraise and organise      humanitarian projects
  • Be vegetarian (eat as less meat      as possible) and environmentally aware of what I buy and the impacts
  • Be a masseus, give massages
  • Make my own essential oils,      remedies and beauty products.
  • Be reminded of what and who we      are on a daily basis by mother nature, live close to the outdoor I mean,      or open spaces, experience healthy fear.
  • Live onboard a Yacht, my      floating home.
  • Be a sea gipsy, endless quest      for our true nature through cultural change.


I am not too demanding really…

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