Last night was yet another birthday, I felt like staying home, watching the stars come out but I took my car and drove in town to stay over in my friend's flat; her being away for the week-end and all. Met new people, will do the same tonight, coming out of my shell, first steps of my 29th year. I hope for this  year as an under 30 to be like that film, my favorite of all times, Reality Bites, caustic, full of sarcastic philosophical questions and unridden truths, yet, simple and fair.       

Back from the meeting with the couch surfing and hospitality club in a Parc next to a lake, barbequing and sitting in front of a fire, drums and guitar,  12 people were left from the 40 gathered . Rain stopped and weather cleared small miracle after a week of downpours. Meeting new people without other half always amases me, the main reason is that people behaviour often evolve throughout the evening when they realise you are married, and I am not talking about men I am meaning litteraly in the most general way you can, it is as if they put you in that little box, categorised as married, boring, children, house and stability. Being married doesn't mean you are not you or have lost yourself in someone. It means sharing a life while retaining your integrity and purpose, being free of thoughts and moves but sharing the everyday with someone you trust and carefor.

I met some great people, a few of them live in the biggest  residential squat of Holland that became legalised in the late 80's . A wonderful community, Artwork painted everywhere, cinema, bar and pub, plus roof terrace and bicycles lining up against every piece of wall available.It is a mini city in the time I will take pictures and show you. For now, time to sleep.