Down in Germany again after x-mas in France, hoping round visiting family and lost friends in the south and the Alps, Re-connecting. Visiting mountains for 2 days is what REALLY made me relax and recenter. Picture, high pointy snowtops and wooden chalets, sun reflecting on the white snow , the air crisp and fresh and the company of 3 beautiful mountain soul, my cousins. Nature, wild nature brought back to my mind How we have made ourselves into abstraction.

Having what is considered a normal life, urban lifestyle, makes me releaved as I can fit into the system; though a temporary process in my case means to an end, especially because I love the people and the work I do but time flies faster since I have a 9 to 5. Time is what I lack currently. When I had no money I had time, now that I have this abstract currency I don't. Guess it is all a question of what you desire to prioritise in your life.

Take a paper and write down everything you had wanted to do, learn, achieve on the left, then everything you actually did on the right over the past year. Did you miss out ? Did you forego dreams?  In my case the list on the left is incredibly long and the one on the right, well...reasonably satisfying but...could do better.  I guess my expectations are always so high I can rarely reach them. So I have a simple resolution for this New-Year :"finish what I start". I am the queen of unfinished projects by mainly fear of failure and not achieveing a good enough end-result (based on my own critical self-judge). I love to start things, I have hundreds of ideas, too many projects. For now I  focus on my health, regular Pilates, stretching, rowing, 3 to 4 times a week,  add the big boat project, sorting out 5 years of digital pictures,  sprinkle with reading, stir well and voila....