23 janvier 2008

“Imagination is the beginning of creation" George bernard Shaw


Life has treated me fairly in the past few months and I surprisingly see a pattern in  two opposite shifts. The first is linked to sickness and death and has spread a dark web among my family, it leads me to remembering that time is precious and to visit those loved ones instead of waiting for an easier time, a better time. The second, is a cloud of success which seems to touch, again, closed ones. Is it  global awareness?

So yes I am happy, I value the people in my life, the new ones and I try to let the old ones know that they are precious to me, whatever the distance. Strangely there is hundreds of you on my mind lately. My extended family who lives in Danemark, Florida, Western Norway that I have not seen in 2-3 years. My primary school friends who are all having children now and all the others, the land-lubbers, settled monkeys in a growing forest. How can I keep in touch truly, share your life while being miles away? I don't know really.

My new job is surprisingly easy to get into and within 2 days I was back to my oldself, the crazy one with non stop energy, sleeping max 7 hours, getting up at 06:30. It is surprising how much you  can do when you  are active whereas inactivity spurrs inactivity and procrastination.

Going back to the GYM, starting Pilates, and beleiving I have the nerve by joining a project of like minded people to get that creativity flow spinning is a good start to this New Year. And you what have you started lately?

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