23 janvier 2008

“Imagination is the beginning of creation" George bernard Shaw

Life has treated me fairly in the past few months and I surprisingly see a pattern in  two opposite shifts. The first is linked to sickness and death and has spread a dark web among my family, it leads me to remembering that time is precious and to visit those loved ones instead of waiting for an easier time, a better time. The second, is a cloud of success which seems to touch, again, closed ones. Is it  global awareness? So yes I am happy, I value the people in my life, the new ones and I try to let the old ones... [Lire la suite]
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15 janvier 2008

Happy New Year

Down in Germany again after x-mas in France, hoping round visiting family and lost friends in the south and the Alps, Re-connecting. Visiting mountains for 2 days is what REALLY made me relax and recenter. Picture, high pointy snowtops and wooden chalets, sun reflecting on the white snow , the air crisp and fresh and the company of 3 beautiful mountain soul, my cousins. Nature, wild nature brought back to my mind How we have made ourselves into abstraction. Having what is considered a normal life, urban lifestyle, makes me... [Lire la suite]
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