28 avril 2008

You are what you want to be


Espen's parents will be visiting this week-end, then weare heading to Mainz to visit my cousins after that I hope we can simply stay home before I head to the UK for my sailing course mid june for a week, the week-end after that it's my 30th B'day and I am flying to Norway , my parents should visit  beginning of july....and the week after that it's the loveparade....Good god or krishna or allah when will it stop:) Seems like after planning for week-ends off, without driving involved or seeing anyone, life keep throwing surpises/events at us. So if nay of you out there want a place to visit go ahead join in the craze.

I dream of a day off..OOOOH wait I am getting a day off!!!!! wednesday 30th April, Queen's day in Holland. Bless... I think I will lay in a hammock on deck with my pile of books and go shopping, YEAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH

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