That is where I am heading this week-end for a general overview of possible deamboats, though I already know my favorite fiberglass (even though I don`t want a fiberglass for safety reasons and my inner paranoia of hitting a floating container drifting in the sea). It's a NAUTICAT... a gorgeous whale looking sailing/motor boat...I hope they will have a stand and I can visit it it is...

Nauticat 38 traditonal

Nauticat 37

Nauticat 42

...The aim now is to find an aluminium or rather steel boat. We have seen one anchored in Tunisia that for once is not over the top when it comes down to price...Here it is...and it is owned by brits...It is a Tayana 37 feet..



Sure there will be work to do inside and most likely on the outside but as long as the hull is not damaged or corroded as th boat is 20 years old, we should be fine...Small isn't it???? oh well at least no means to accumulate clutter, ha ha ha