We just received, straight from London, a guy named Michael, originally from New-Zealand. Mandy drove him down 2 days ago and we went out last night to BJ's to listen to Hobo Jim, a local artist who has been round for years and plays the guitar, sings and makes jokes.


It was his last concert in the area. I got noticed straight away has he asked if anyone in the bar was from France, mmmm... why did I raise my arm? ... he kept dropping french words into country songs, such as "j'en ai marre" etc... I understood that those songs were translated from french canadian, about one or 2. Regardless, it was a very entertaining night where I drunk way too much beer. Parties in England come back to mind. The crowd was a mix of youngsters and elders and I bumped into a girl I had met about 7 weeks earlier, Jenny, (it is a small town), I stayed at her brothers in Homer in July. She was heading to the club called Hooligans and we followed her, we being Michael, myself and Krista.

On the way back I saw an amazing Aurora Borealis. All in shades of white but going across the entire sky, like waves painted by an imaginary hand, shifting from one side and disappearing into nothingness within seconds. I stopped the car and sat on my hood mesmerised. I wished it never ended...