01 octobre 2005


My last week-end in Soldotna. I might pop up to Anchorage on saturday night if I can catch a ride with Stef from work but nothing is sure...So, for once I am actually sitting in bed on a friday night, not out listening to bands or in bars chatting, or with friends...and it was disappointing at first then I came to realise how much I needed to have a night off... used the opportunity to vacuum the Buick 1985 and brush up on my english vocabulary..I am constantly learning words it is amasing... Oh Btw could some of you tell me what those mean:

  • prescient
  • staunch
  • skidded
  • traipsing
  • lintels
  • blithely
  • tremulously

They come from the book Fools Fate from Robin Hobb and are not in my tiny french dictionnary...Thanx...

Started packing my suitcase as I am stopping work in a week and flying up to Anchorage for a few days before the big final flight home. My throat has tighten up and I face the bag half filled with dread..I hate packing suitcases... or boxes...yet travelling requires it...next time I'll bring nothing and get everything I need there..Hol'on will still  pack things BACk...dammit...no easy solution unless I send all of it home in a box... Back to square one;)

Natta-Night-Bonne nuitee...

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